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New machines

We sell new Manitou telehandler, telescopic handlers, rough terrain trucks and articulated booms as well as attachments and special constructions.


Accessories & Attachments

Accessories and special parts in OEM quality extend the range of application of Manitou forklifts and telescopic handlers.


Service & Spare parts

Manitou, Merlo or other well-known forklift manufacturers: We offeran excellent service and a very quick supply of spare parts.


Hanselmann Forklifts

We are a free, independent forklift specialist that sells telehandler and rough terrain forklifts from wellknown and successful forklift manufacturers.

We are glad to consult you, in order to cover your needs perfectly. We mainly focus on the forklift classes of Manitou telehandlers and telescopic roto. Our offer contains the established brands Manitou and Merlo. We have a large range of new machines on stock, on which we can draw for rigid and rotary telehandlers and rough terrain trucks. In this way we find and deliver the appropriate forklift for every customer. We daily gain a lot of valuable experience with different forklifts and industrial trucks, thanks to the rental of these forklift classes.

We always have, among others, the following forklifts on stock:

and many more

Current Machines

Manitou-MRT1840 EASY-ST3B-Telehandler rotating www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MRT2550+ Privilege ST4 S2-Telehandler rotating www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MRT2550+ Privilege ST4 S2-Telehandler rotating www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MLT1041-145PS + LY ST5 S1 -Telehandler / Telescope Forklift www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MRT2150 Privilege-Telehandler rotating www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MHT 10130-Telehandler / Telescope Forklift www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MT1840 EASY 75D ST3B S-Telehandler / Telescope Forklift www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MHT 10135 175Y ST5 S1-Telehandler / Telescope Forklift www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MRT2150+ Privilege ST4 S2-Telehandler rotating www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MT625H Easy 49K ST3A S1-Telehandler / Telescope Forklift www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MRT 2150 Privilege Plus ST4-Telehandler rotating www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de
Manitou-MHT10180 129M ST4 S1-Telehandler / Telescope Forklift www.manitou-teleskopstapler.de